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December 2012

1st 'Birthday'


Well PP&P has reached its 1st anniversary and I am more than pleased with how the first year has gone.  Over 24,000 views which, of course, averages at 2,000 per month – that’s not too shabby for an ‘amateur’ site.


The bands have been great to work with, the feedback from them is all so positive, I’ve had my first half page feature in a rock magazine, music industry people have been supportive … so a good & successful first year!


I’m proud of the site … proud of the fact that I designed and built it with no knowledge of website building … proud of the bands that are featured and all that they’ve achieved … proud particularly of the comments about the ethics of the site (something which is very important to me).


Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me.  I truly appreciate it.


Special thanks to my endorsers whose comments have been invaluable to the site.


Here’s to bigger and better things for both the website and the bands!




Krista Belladonna (aka Mrs Joey Belladonna), New York:

“Great job Jayne...You've put a lot of work into it and it shows!”


Gina Zamparelli, Music Promoter, Los Angeles:

“Happy Birthday to your website. I know how hard you've worked ... It's wonderful to see how it's grown, great work my friend!"