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The aim of this site is simple: to help promote guitar bands/musicians and hopefully get their music heard by a wider audience, and also to help promote associated businesses as well as link the bands with things they may need such as studios in their area.


I make no money at all from the site, in fact I am out of pocket running it.   Having spent many years with a fiance who was in a band (now one of the biggest bands in the UK) I know how important promotion is but also appreciate that new/up and coming bands do not have the funds to pay companies to do their PR. Also, the musicians want to spend their time on their creativity and don't always have time to spare to email tracks to radio stations, etc.  I've got airplay on a number of stations for the bands I work more closely with including the BBC, Nation Radio, Amazing Radio and a number of US stations, as well as getting them featured in rock magazines such as Black Velvet - all of which I did for the love of it (not for payment).


I interact with the bands and/or their managers, and have built good relationships with them.  I have some lovely comments/testimonials with regard to my integrity and that means a great deal to me as ethics are very important to me.


It can be difficult to get people to actually listen to you and your music. There are of course already websites for unsigned bands but, as I've discovered, they are not always up to date.  


I do not, and will not, have a website where anyone can upload their music as I want to keep the standard high.  The website has gained a reputation for having the best of new guitar bands and for being discerning.  PP&P is not about money and quantity … it’s about music and quality!  


I work tirelessly to promote the website and thus the bands, and the site has gained a worldwide audience (e.g., India, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, Brazil) and now averages 1,000+ views per week ... not bad for an independent site based in the Welsh valleys with no sponsors or adverts.


I've discovered some great bands that I wouldn't have heard if I had not decided to do this site, so that's been exciting for me.


With regard to the website endorsers: some I know personally, some are friends of friends.  I am grateful to them all for their support.














I've given photo credits where I've known who the photographer is.  If anyone wants their credits added then please email to let me know.







Aims of PP&P

Backstage St. Davids Hall, Cardiff

This is me many years ago, backstage at St. David's Hall, Cardiff, South Wales with PP&P endorser Joey Belladonna of Anthrax and drummer Stuart Cable of Stereophonics fame.


Photo credit: Mrs Krista Belladonna.