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This was a comment written on the PP&P Facebook page on December 14th, 2012 .  Milestone are an excellent young band from Bridgend in South Wales.  I met the boys' families when Milestone played in a band competition (which they won of course!).   It's comments like this that make what I do so worthwhile.



We are the parents of Kristian, guitarist with Milestone, we would just like to thank you for your continual support, your passion and enthusiasm for the s wales rock scene is amazing, i am so pleased for the boys that there are people such as yourself involved in their progress, so keep up the good work and once again thank you, Adrian and Trudy".


and Milestone put this lovely write up on their band page on Facebook in December, which is very much appreciated:


"Paradiddles, Plectrums and Posers is an independent website dedicated to supporting and showcasing new bands and artists from the UK and beyond, with backing and endorsements from industry artists and professionals. Milestone has been lucky enough to receive support from PP&P for the past 6 months and had the pleasure of meeting its creator Jayne very recently. For a band like us, it is so encouraging to know there is someone like Jayne out there willing to selflessly help out new and up'n'coming bands.

Thank you Jayne and PP&P."


1st birthday comments December 2012:


Krista Belladonna (aka Mrs Joey Belladonna):

“Great job Jayne...You've put a lot of work into it and it shows!”


Gina Zamparelli:

“Happy Birthday to your website. I know how hard you've worked and I'm so happy you're now seeing the rewards! Keep up the great work!”