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July 2014

EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Emma Scott

about her new book 'If It Was My Band'







1.   How long did it take to write this book?


My dealings with musicians over the past 25 years inspired me to write the book and I guess it was after the release of my first book in 2011 when I started thinking about writing a second book. I knew what I wanted to do with the new book and started making notes from then and eventually chose the name and the feel of the book from about 2012. I missed a few deadlines as my life has been hellish busy, but I'm really pleased that it's finally ready for release.  3 years later!



2.   You plan to write more books – so I’m guessing you have some ideas already?  


Of course!  Firstly, I want to re-write my first book on getting radio airplay.  That's nearly finished and I have the new front cover designed already.  It's just a matter of updating the information from the first book and adding a few extra gems.  The other book I have in mind was about getting into radio.  That's another one I started writing about 4 years ago and didn't manage to finish.  Hopefully, I will complete it!


3.   Obviously you enjoy writing (as do I), so with your hectic lifestyle when do you find time to sit down and actually write?  I always seem to  do mine in the early hours.


I do enjoy it.  You don't feel the pressure when writing like you can do with radio presenting, gig promoting or radio plugging.  You can just get in the zone and say what you wanna say, without anyone challenging you or asking you something. The editing stage isn't quite as easy - but anyway, I'm like you and I'd get up at 5 or 6 am to squeeze writing into my already busy day.  I usually work from 9 am to 9pm, so if I need to get some writing done, I have to set the alarm super early.


4.   Are the characters in the book (the DJ, music lawyer, etc) based on people you know?


The illustrator I work with on the new book (Sydonia Aitken- Ballard) modelled the DJ character on Johnny Doom from Kerrang! Radio and Planet Rock and he loves it.  The manager from the book is based on someone the illustrator's husband worked with when he was in a band and the others came from Syd's imagination and I love them all.  Especially the punk rocker, bass player, lawyer and fan girl!



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Emma Scott - Promoter/Author



Before I start with Emma's write up, I want to thank her for her endorsement of this website and her words of encouragment.  I'm truly appreciative.


Emma is an award winning gig promoter for Emma Scott Presents.  She is also a music business lecturer, band mentor and an author, with a must-have book called 'Break Your Band: A Guide To Getting Radio Airplay' (details of the book are on the 'Associated Links 3' page).  


Emma's been winning awards for many years including, coming 2nd in the  'Best Radio Show 2009 in Kerrang! Magazine and 'Promoter of the Year' 2011, 2012 and 2013 at the Pure Rawk Awards.  She also picked up Local Promoter of the Year at the Live Music Awards in 2012.  She has worked with everyone from every genre of music from Slipknot to Take That.


Emma's favourite bands are: Slipknot, Alavano, Longview, Muse, Foo Fighters, Florence and the Machine, Adam and the Ants,  Metallica, Placebo, Kasabian, My Chemical Romance and Nirvana.


Emma gave up full-time radio in December 2013 and is working on her new radio plugging business: Pluggin' Baby" which is in its infancy, but is growing by the day.


She still puts on a few gigs a year at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, but is concentrating more on her new book "If It Was My Band..." which is available to buy now.











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