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International Bands



This all girl hard rock band are a mixture of Swedish, Italian & Irish ... and based in Sweden.


They take me back to my younger days when I was listening to the likes of Princess Pang, Phantom Blue, Romeo's Daughter & of course Vixen.


Clare's voice is true rock 'n' roll, powerful and gritty.  



Clare Cunningham 2 Clare & Thundermother 2



The superb Black Letters are a guitar band hailing from Bangalore/Cochin, India.


They are a JD Music Promotion band and are gaining airplay and rave reviews worldwide from FM and internet based stations.


You can check out some of the comments/reviews on the roster page on JD Music Promotion:


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Black Letters - 'Shapes On The Wall'



Uncle Sid are a rock band from Vancouver, Candada and consist of members:


Emerald Green: Vocals

Frankie Scars: Guitar

Kirk October: Bass

Dale Salive: Drums


The band considers themselves to be a “melodic hard rock 'n’ metal band with a sound that we play with dynamic passion along with lots of classic and present day influences."


Their fifth, self titled, CD was released in early 2017 with the band touring extensively in Japan mid 2017.  


They have their sights on touring new horizons in 2018, such as here in the UK, Germany and the U.S.A.  So keep an eye on their Facebook page for any news on gigs near you as this band have a great reputation for their live shows.


The Youtube video on this page is of their track ‘Evilution’.


You will find all relevant links to the band’s music and touring info, etc, below.



Project Metal Music

“The tracks that I listened to, on Reverbnation are Master Of Fate, Evilution, Horns Up!, Devil With A Halo, Empire, The Road and Code Blue. All of the songs are really good, as they are riff and shred laden, the drums are spot on and the vocals provided by Emerald Green are superb.”


Rockfield Publications, Scotland (re. the band’s most recent album)

“This album is a solid release and captures what the band is all about – live performance. They are talented and know how to write a hook.”


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