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"BTD Radio is an open genre independent internet

radio station. We are coming up on our 6th year of

airing. We first started airing the “BTD Show” hosted

by T Dawn on a smaller website, not very many

knew about us. After a few months our fan base

started to grow in vast amounts. We knew it was time

to branch off from where we were airing the show

and have a domain of our own.



Now we air the many shows and playlists on our station. We are up all day and all night, 24/7. Our slogan is… “Changing the World of Music one Indies Song at a Time.”


BTD Studios also known as Beyond the Dawn Studios. It’s also the home of the independent radio station, BTD Radio. Our professional custom studio is nestled in the hills of Southern California. It’s equipped with a vocal booth, drum room and main control room. Each room has its own wiring to the main control room making it easy to record yourself or many. The custom acoustic titling through-out the studio not only looks stylish but also absorbs sound, giving a nice solid sound, clean recording."





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"LMC Records is one of the fastest growing, up and coming, independent labels in the UK.


We give artists the chance to record singles in a professional environment, using our state of the art studios. LMC offer advice and help with social media, as well as areas of promotion. We feature our artists on our own Vevo and Muze TV channels.


We provide access to internet radio networks, which also offer some FM station coverage, across the world. These include the USA, New Zealand, Spain, Australia, Greece, UK, and Mexico.


We have a proven team of people who work at LMC. With credits ftom artists around the globe such as Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Toploader, Lady Ga Ga, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Lilly Allen and many more.


...run by musicians for musicians. "

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