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Black Velvet is produced by Shari, who interviews bands, photographs them, reviews new music and does the layout design for the magazine.  She founded the magazine back in 1994.


In B.V.'s own words:


"Black Velvet is a quarterly independent rock music magazine that hits the streets every February, May, August and November. Published and edited by Shari Black Velvet, it mostly covers rock and pop-punk - basically any good, catchy music. We're all about good songs.


Black Velvet is produced because of our love of rock music. We write about the bands we love - not those we don't. We can be a bit picky - so if you're a thrash or death metal band with lots of roars we may not be into you, the same as we're not really into hip-hop or watery shoegazer indie. We want to write about the music that inspires us - especially as printing costs money. We don't want to waste paper on bands we're not into.


Every issue is 40 pages jammed with the best rock music. Our interviews are in-depth and our reviews are insightful, honest and relevant."




Above: Black Velvet issue 74 (which I'm featured in!)




Emma Scott, gig promoter/author/dj, has been in the music business for 20+ years.  This book contains some very sensible advice based on an unlimited knowledge by Ms. Scott.


If you are a new and/or unsigned band then you really need this book. 


It includes the following:


Getting radio airplay - Where do you start?

Which DJ's do you send to?

What do you send?

What is a press pack?

What do you put in yours?

What is a plugger and do you need one?

How do you deal with radio interviews?

Do you need a manager?

Do you get paid for being on the radio?


You can purchase the book from:



Book cover www.emmascott.bigcartel.com Black Velvet issue 73



Sonyawebb.com is run by Sonya Webb - obviously - and has interviews,  gig/album reviews as well as a news page.  


In Sonya's own words on the site's Facebook page:

"This page has been set up for two reasons. Firstly, I love writing about anything music-related, including gigs, musicians, albums etc. Secondly, I offer a fast, efficient and confidential proofreading/editing service. Thirdly - (OK so there are three reasons for this page) I love music!"

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