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By PP&P, Apr 3 2016 11:23AM

I had an email today from a lady who, for some reason, thought that a photo of her featured as one of the examples of someone’s photography work was “available on your website as a poster” and she did not want her photograph being "available to the public".

I do not know why she thought that and she is the first person in 4 years since this website’s inception to think that. You cannot even right click on the photographs and do a 'save as'. The images are as protected as they can be.

However, to clarify to anyone and everyone else:

I do not sell anything on this website, it is purely a ‘showcase’ website, predominantly of music but also of photographers/videographers, studios, producers, and any other profession that may benefit musicians.

Nothing on this website is "available to the public" other than the fact that they can see the photographs and listen to the music.

As stated elsewhere on the site, anything featured on this site has had the approval of the copyright owner, be that musicians or photographers and I make no money from this website whatsoever.

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