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By PP&P, Mar 9 2016 06:19PM

JD Music and Killing for Company will be honouring Stuart’s birthday, 19th May, with the release of ‘Surrender’, a superb track from the album ‘Lost Art of Deception’. Everything about the track is perfection: the song itself, the musicianship, Greg’s vocals, are all second to none.

Stuart was very proud of the album and it was due for release the week of his passing. Out of respect the band pulled the album release and so it’s never been properly heard other than via the band’s Soundcloud. We want to rectify this.

Apart from honouring what should have been Stuart’s 46th birthday, we will also be honouring the fact that he did a lot for charity by donating any proceeds from the sale of the track to Tŷ Hafan Children’s Hospice which was a charity close to Stuart’s heart.

I have a lot of work to do now to get this track heard as much as possible (well that won’t actually be hard as it’s such a great track!), but I also have to get it publicised anywhere and everywhere I can.

Obviously I am giving my time for free to do the promotion for this fundraising 'event' and I am very excited to be a part of this both on a personal level and a promotional level.

I've had my ‘letter of authority’ from Tŷ Hafan which I can attach to my emails, so we’re good to go!

By PP&P, Nov 3 2015 11:13PM

Well it's 3 months since PP&P's sister site www.jdmusicpromo.com went live on Sunday night of August 3rd.

In the 3 months that have passed since that night, JD's artists have been played on 122+ stations worldwide (both FM and internet stations) including national stations Amazing Radio and BBC Radio Wales.

There are so many awesome unsigned bands/musicians out there and it's such a thrill getting some of those bands heard on the radio across the UK and further afield.

Here's to a future featuring lots more great guitar music.

By PP&P, Oct 13 2015 10:29PM

Move over Steven Spielberg ... I have made a promotional video for JD Music Promotion.

It has lovely photos of our artists, some wonderful testimonials from the artists and the backing music is by Chicago based Color Out (literally a one man band) with his track 'Mercurial'.

Please take a look (boost the views a bit!) ... seriously, if you admire good music you wil love the track used.


By PP&P, Sep 3 2015 05:28PM

JD Music Promotion ( www.jdmusicpromo.com ) has some great new tracks to promote.

Not new to music, but new to the public, is Ryan Webb with a really catchy soft rock track called 'Journey' and we also have the latest release from Killing for Company. Some of you will know of Killing For Company as they are the band put together by ex-Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable. Their new track is 'We Don't Need to Know'.

You can check both the above out on the JD Music Promotion page on this website.

(P.S. - FYI It's Killing For Company's Greg Jones who features at the top of the home page of PP&P)

By PP&P, Aug 15 2015 09:39PM

PP&P band Calling Apollo (page 19 of the UK bands) is off to a good start regarding airplay with their new track 'Monsters'.

Already had a couple of plays last week and tonight (Saturday) as I write this has been played on the Rock Show on Amazing Radio (albeit at the wrong speed - these things happen) and also on Adam Walton's show (at the right speed) on BBC Radio Wales. Mr Walton had plenty of praise for the band, which was great to hear.

They are also being played on 9 other stations across the UK during this week, starting today.

They are JD Music Promotion's first clients so Darran and I are obviously very pleased with how things are going ... obviously it helps that the track is so good! You can check it out for yourselves on the JD Music Promotion page on this website.

By PP&P, Aug 3 2015 01:37AM

Super excited to launch the new website:


It's a radio plugging/music promotion venture with me and guitarist Darran Smith, best known for his 10 years with rock band Funeral for a Friend.

The first day has been amazing. Already got 3 clients within a couple of hours and more submissions to listen to.

There will be a dedicated page on PP&P to JD Music Promotion and it's bands.

This website, PP&P, has given me so much in the past 3 1/2 years. I love music and have such a passion for promoting the bands and helping to get them heard by as wide an audience as possible.

I am in awe of the talent that is on PP&P and I very much look forward to working with even more great bands/musicians through JD Music Promotion.

By PP&P, Jul 11 2015 04:02PM

Very excited about a new venture I am launching soon with a partner a lot of you will know well as he's a popular Welsh rock guitarist ... watch this space.

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