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By PP&P, Aug 17 2016 04:38PM

If any bands have any ideas, or would like to be involved with my fundraising in some way (maybe with a collection at a gig, for example), then please email me at: info [at] guitars4good.co.uk

I will give you a shout out on my Twitter and Facebook music pages, as well as giving you a mention on this website, the JD Music website, the Guitars 4 Good website and Stuart Cable’s tribute website.

So a bit of FREE PROMO in return for your help.

By PP&P, Aug 15 2016 08:41PM

I am a woman with a bee in my bonnet and I'm on a mission.

I have started a new project called 'Guitars 4 Good', the strapline of which is 'using the power of music as a power of good'. I hope to raise awareness of neuroblastoma (the worst of children's cancer), help with campaigns to get drugs (which are used in the US and Europe) for our children in the UK instead of them having to travel to America, and also fundraise via music such as charity nights/gigs.

I'm only one woman but I am so incensed by the decision that our children here in the UK are not worth £2m a year (the projected cost of the drug needed to save their lives) that I have to do something. I don't ever want to be one of those people who says 'oh that's awful' and then forgets about it and does nothing.

This is the new website with full information. It's new, so it's just information at the moment but there is a planned charity night/gig due at the end of September.


I also plan on having 'Guitars 4 Good' wristbands to sell soon.

Oh and there is a Virgin Fundraising page for 'Guitars 4 Good' too, the link of which is on the new website, £1 is a help as it all adds up, and the money goes to Solving Kids' Cancer.

Thank you x

By PP&P, Apr 7 2016 08:06PM

What Mr Roy Thomas says in the comment below is one of the reasons that I wanted to do something to honour Stuart and his charity work. He did a lot which people don’t actually know about.

He also pushed himself physically for the sake of charity, for example, doing the Nos Galan 5km road races on New Year’s Eve 2008, the Sports Relief Mile in March 2010, and only a few days before he died he had completed a gruelling charity cycle challenge. With 5 other men Stuart took 5 days to cycle the coastline of Wales, travelling distances of over 50 miles a day.

Roy J. Thomas, Chairman of Donate Wales and the Kidney Wales Foundation, said:

“Stuart was a fine man who really cared about Wales and his community. Much of his charitable work was hidden with his humility. He did so much including our Donate Wales campaign by taking part in dinners and adverts for us. There was something as we would say “addfwyn” about him.

Stuart was a great communicator and managed to touch the hearts of those in need. Patients liked him as he was so warm . Wales will be a poorer place without him.”

(‘Addfwyn’ is Welsh for ‘gentle’).

Killing For Company’s track ‘Surrender’ will be out 6 weeks today on Stuart’s birthday, May 19th.


By PP&P, Mar 14 2016 10:15PM

Abercarn (Caerphilly) company Dischromatics Limited have generously offered to press 50 CDs, full colour with inlays, of the charity fundraising track 'Surrender' by Killing for Company.


This means we will have 50 Limited Edition CDs to offer ... great news for the charity fundraising.

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