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By PP&P, Apr 23 2016 04:36PM

Yesterday I collected these bad boys ... the 50 limited editions CDs containing 2 awesome tracks from Stuart Cable's band Killing for Company.

You can hear both tracks on the www.jdmusicpromo.com website on their Soundcloud link:

'Surrender' is the main track


Release date 19th May, all proceeds to charity.

It's my first CD cover design and the boys let me put the JD Music logo on the back cover (well Darran's been on CD covers loads of times, but when else am I ever going to be on one?) :)

By PP&P, Mar 14 2016 10:15PM

Abercarn (Caerphilly) company Dischromatics Limited have generously offered to press 50 CDs, full colour with inlays, of the charity fundraising track 'Surrender' by Killing for Company.


This means we will have 50 Limited Edition CDs to offer ... great news for the charity fundraising.

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