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By PP&P, May 8 2017 08:41PM

Excited (and a tad nervous) to be arranging my first ever fundraiser for my project 'Guitars 4 Good'.

3 amazing rock bands from South Wales will be playing: Nuclear Lullaby (pg. 2 of PP&P); The Starling Radicals (pg. 8) and Beyond The Break (pg. 12).

It's on Saturday, September 23rd and I've done a poster in readiness, just waiting on one of the bands to confirm something.

Funds raised will go towards buying personalised gifts for the children, future funding of 'G4G music as therapy' sessions on paediatric oncology wards, and some G4G merchandise (keyrings, wristbands) to help spread childhood cancer awareness.

I've done a poster for social media use, with details of how funds raised will be used - it's attached to this post, but I'm not sure you will be able to read it properly. I will be sharing it on Facebook (on the PP&P page, JD Music page and of course the Guitars 4 Good page) where it will be more clearly visible.

By PP&P, Jul 3 2015 10:54PM

New page on the website: Showcase Australia.

Presently featuring Ragdoll f rom Perth and Red Light Sound from Adelaide, with a third excellent band to be added soon, this time from Sydney.

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