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By PP&P, Aug 17 2016 04:38PM

If any bands have any ideas, or would like to be involved with my fundraising in some way (maybe with a collection at a gig, for example), then please email me at: info [at] guitars4good.co.uk

I will give you a shout out on my Twitter and Facebook music pages, as well as giving you a mention on this website, the JD Music website, the Guitars 4 Good website and Stuart Cable’s tribute website.

So a bit of FREE PROMO in return for your help.

By PP&P, Oct 13 2015 10:29PM

Move over Steven Spielberg ... I have made a promotional video for JD Music Promotion.

It has lovely photos of our artists, some wonderful testimonials from the artists and the backing music is by Chicago based Color Out (literally a one man band) with his track 'Mercurial'.

Please take a look (boost the views a bit!) ... seriously, if you admire good music you wil love the track used.


By PP&P, Aug 3 2015 01:37AM

Super excited to launch the new website:


It's a radio plugging/music promotion venture with me and guitarist Darran Smith, best known for his 10 years with rock band Funeral for a Friend.

The first day has been amazing. Already got 3 clients within a couple of hours and more submissions to listen to.

There will be a dedicated page on PP&P to JD Music Promotion and it's bands.

This website, PP&P, has given me so much in the past 3 1/2 years. I love music and have such a passion for promoting the bands and helping to get them heard by as wide an audience as possible.

I am in awe of the talent that is on PP&P and I very much look forward to working with even more great bands/musicians through JD Music Promotion.

By PP&P, Jul 11 2015 04:02PM

Very excited about a new venture I am launching soon with a partner a lot of you will know well as he's a popular Welsh rock guitarist ... watch this space.

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