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So this is a self indulgent page which features some of my all time favourite songs - some of which may be a surprise!

Self Indulgence

Nine Inch Nails – ‘Every Day Is Exactly The Same’


I love the whole atmosphere this song bestows upon the listener, as well as Trent Reznor’s wonderful vocals and also the very prominent drum rhythm (particularly from the middle on) which is much more amazing through earphones.


The video here is, as you can see, a live studio version.


As someone succinctly put on Youtube: “What a f***ing masterpiece”.

Band of Horses – ‘The Funeral’


Love Ben Bridwell’s hauntingly beautiful vocals on this track which has been featured in numerous television series, films, video games, and advertisements.


Take That – 'Rule the World'


Yes!  Take That!  Shock horror, a ‘rock fan’ likes a Take That song … well this song, in my opinion, is one of the classiest, most beautiful pop songs ever written.  The lyrics, the melody, the vocal performance, are all simply gorgeous.



PVRIS – ‘My House’


I love everything about this track: the vocals, the melody, the way it builds into something HUGE.  Simply awesome.

The Adventures – ‘Broken Land’


Irish band The Adventures put this wonderful track out as a single back in 1988 (yes, I have the vinyl version from way back then).  It was written about the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland.  You can tell the quality of a song when it still sounds so good nearly 30 years later.

Eddie and The Hot Rods - 'Do Anything You Wanna Do'


A classic from 1977, I'm sure many people can identify with these lyrics.  Sounds as good today as 42 years ago.

Rival Sons - 'Electric Man'


Very Zeppelinesque and very sexy ... what more is there to say? This song is out and out rock 'n' roll.