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Ryan Rafferty (lead vocals, bass), Leon Todd (guitar), and Cam Barrett (drums) make up Perth based hard rock trio Ragdoll who “focus on melody, musicianship, and emotional conviction”.  I’ve watched recordings of them playing live on YouTube and they have a mighty big sound for a trio.    


In May 2012 they played US rock festival Rocklahoma and a multi-state club tour across the Mid-West in support of their critically acclaimed debut release, ‘Ragdoll Rock’, which was released worldwide in 2011 and contained 4 tracks: ‘Foot to the Floor’, ‘The Feeling’, ‘Ashamed’ and ‘In My Mind’.  


Their second EP, ‘Here Today’, was recorded in 2012 and contained five tracks including singles ‘Tell Me’, ‘Here Today’ and the band’s first ballad ‘Could it be Love’.


Bringing things up-to-date, the band have a new single out called ‘Rewind Your Mind’, which can be heard on this page’s Jukebox along with 'All I Want'.


Check out their Bandcamp to hear their track 'Rewound' and their YouTube channel for many more of their tracks (both links below).

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