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This 5-piece rock band are from Barnstaple, Devon and produce heavy but extremely melodic anthemic rock songs.   It’s hard to believe as I write this (March 2014) that they’ve only been together for several months since Autumn 2013.


The 2 tracks on this page are the epic sounding ‘Hope in Revival’ and ‘Get Up’, the former being FREE to download from Reverbnation.


Their self titled EP, which is receiving rave reviews, is available from the usual sources.

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Calling Apollo is a 5-piece alternative rock band from Cardiff.   I have to admit that I cannot stop listening to the couple of tracks I have on my mp3 player – I am so taken with frontman Chris James Neale’s voice. Well the whole package is in fact perfect: the songs, the production.


This band are melodic with just enough screaming to keep it edgy and modern but without overpowering the melody.   Chris's vocals give them a uniqueness and I very much look forward to hearing their next offering which is being recorded in December (2014) with one of PP&P’s endorsers, music producer Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral for a Friend; Bullet for my Valentine).


They have received some rave reviews regarding their live set, such as this one from www.uberrock.co.uk:


“Calling Apollo unassumedly ease their way onto the stage and quickly make an impression. These guys are better than good. And too good to be second on the bill. I feel as if I'm discovering a great band here. But Christopher Columbus I am not. More like Johnny-come-lately so I'm guessing that everyone has heard of this band but me. But I'm wrong. Apparently this is Calling Apollo's first gig together and I'm really, really surprised. They're a tight unit that move together like a shoal of sardines. Not only have the band got great songs but they've also found a great frontman in Chris James Neale to put them over to an audience. Chris has an easy and likeable stage persona - something like a Jarvis Cocker or a Feargal Sharkey and he's a joy to watch.


http://www.wicid.tv were equally as impressed:


If you haven’t heard of these guys before, then you probably need to take note of them now … They class themselves as ‘a progressive rock group, combining melodic structures, ambience and aggression’ and that’s exactly how they sound.”






Calling Apollo



Produced by Todd Campbell of

Stompbox Studios.


Airplayed via PP&P on Amazing Radio and via JD Music Promotion on rotation on Croydon Radio and also on heavy ongoing rotation in the United States on Pulse Radio.  


JD Music's primary track to promote was 'Monsters' which was played on at least 42 stations including BBC Radio Wales and Amazing Radio.

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May 2019 Update

Vanessa Batten has joined as the new C.A. vocalist.

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