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"Driven by their love for big, dancing guitar-song music" English/Welsh band The Last Carnival "are on a mission to revive and carry that sound way into the 21st Century. Led by songwriter Russell James Williams, this quintet are no followers of current guitar band trends or any of the so called ‘scenes’. They’re not shackled by some Top 40 production team. They have something different."  For proof of that you only have to listen to the amazing 'Stars' - which was mastered by Pete M who mastered the last U2 record!  


The band tour regularly.  I've seen them in Cardiff and can confirm they are well worth seeing.  


www.thelastcarnival.co.uk/ The Last Carnival by Annelie Rosencrantz

Photo: Annelie Rosencrantz

The Last Carnival by Ben

Ben Bryans Photography



Sam Randles - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals.

Jack Clements - Lead Guitar.

Tom Gibbins - Bass.

Jack Piper - Drums, Backing Vocals.


Static Fires is a group of four young guys from Swansea, South Wales, who grew up together with the same dream – to have their own band. The band members all have varying music tastes, which they blend together to create the Static Fires sound.


As a group they plan to push the limits on how far they can go, their aim is to play music, be at big gigs, make albums, and have a good time doing it. Having played with some big names already the band wants to keep adding more and more names to their already great list and is looking into new gig and venue opportunities across South Wales and beyond!


Having spent the majority of 2015 playing gigs and putting the finishing touches on their debut EP Static Fires have entered 2016 hoping to be stronger than ever.






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