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Fronted by the charistmatic and amiable James Kennedy, 3-piece band Kyshera are from Cardiff, South Wales … hmm what to say about these? They certainly cannot be pigeon-holed.  That’s what makes them exciting … their unpredictability.  


They have been described as the UK's answer to Mars Volta in Rhythym Magazine, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi reckoned Kyshera is one of the best bands in the UK today and Huw Stephens from BBC Radio 1 exclaimed they are “one of the best things I’ve heard in ages”.  Praise indeed and well deserved in my opinion.


A review of their second album ‘Made in China’ on BringtheNoiseUK.com states:

“It is actually very difficult to pinpoint Kyshera’s work here. We like that; we like how the music twists in a multitude of oddball directions.”


The brilliant 2013 single ‘Mannequins’ had nearly 50,000 views on Youtube in its first couple of weeks!






Kyshera 3

James Kennedy on the

 cover of 'Plugged In'.

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This exciting alternative rock 4-piece are from Leicestershire, England.  Three of the band members share the lead vocals, keeping their sound fresh and diverse.  The band is made up of musicians who have already honed their craft with previous rock bands.


A review by Amy Kyriacou (on hoxtonamp.com) of a Super73 February 2013 gig says “This is alternative rock for an audience who like things done with poise and precision. These guys have it nailed to hard rocking perfection.”


On artsinleicestershire.co.uk Kevin Gaughan reviewed Super73’s debut show in 2012 :

"Most of these guys had been around the block enough times to know what's what, what a band should and shouldn't do, and how to write proper, hard-rocking, solid music while keeping the show interesting and fun ..."  He said they are "musicians who have become masters of their craft" and who produced a show that was "good, hard and heavy".  He ended by saying "A serious performance from a serious band and a debut show to be proud of. A formidable force has been born!"


“…they deserve better than pushing out Soundcloud demos to regional journalists like me.” - Tom Davenport, theocelot.co.uk



Kyshera frontman, James Kennedy, has his own website for his music and musings outside of Kyshera.  


copyright: Stefan Hinc

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Ed - Guitar/Vocals

Scott - Bass/Vocals

Matt – Drums


This trio were brought to my attention by their record label, Horn and Hoof Records based in Manchester.


“Tio Rico are a trio that hail from the wetlands of Manchester and utilize the winning tried and tested ingredients of a guitar, bass, drums with a dash of vocals to create a tasty mix of grunge ska punk that spans the three genres but brings them all together into a tasty Tio Rico cocktail.


Ed (Guitar / vocals), Scott (Bass / Vocals) and Matt first took to the stage in early 2015 and have since then spent time honing their art, playing gigs and writing songs with their first single ‘Mr Big Shot’ released in October 2016.”


They are currently in the process of recording an album.


The Soundcloud link will take you to their most recent track ‘Article 7’.

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