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Thank you to promoter/author Emma Scott, PP&P friend and endorser, for bringing excellent 4-piece London heavy rock band Feral Sun to my attention.


The 2 tracks on this page are the first 2 releases from the band's new album. You can download 'Into Pieces' for FREE from both the band's Facebook page and also Soundcloud, whilst  'Long Road', which was officially released on 16th September 2013,  is available on iTunes.


For more info on upcoming gigs/releases/etc keep an eye on the band's Facebook and Twitter pages.


www.feralsun.com/ Feral Sun 2



Fabulous 4-piece rock ‘n’ roll band Dedwardians hail from London and cite their influences as being the likes of Elvis and the Sex Pistols.


The band have recently been in the studio (February 2014) and I for one am looking forward to hearing the fruits of their labour.



Dedwardians www.dedwardians.com/ Soundcloud-Logo-psd47614 Twitter_logo_blue fb Twitter_logo_blue fb