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An excellent 5 piece rock/alternative band from Derbyshire, England.


They have a host of wonderful tracks on their Facebook Band Profile: 'Welcome to my Town', 'Ships and Sails' and the fabulous 'Duchess' my personal favourite.


You can buy their allbum 'Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious' from Amazon ... I bought it and I recommend that you do too!


The videos below are 'History is Written by the Victors' from 2015 and 'Animals' from 2017.


Take The Seven are seriously good! Don't miss out.



These guys (and gal, as of 2017) from Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire are rock/indie/pop.  If, like me, you have a penchant for 80's rock such as Enuff z'Nuff then you'll love these.


Several of their tracks are showcased on their Facebook Band Profile page but you can hear 'Never Again' and, from 2017, 'One Night Only' on this page.  



Original vocalist Matt Strafford.

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