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Jemma Crook & Samuel J Booth make up this London pop/rock duo.  


A truly unique sound with wonderful vocals. My favourite track is 'Fallen Angel' check out their Facebook page and take a listen to that track along with 'Bright Light' and 'Hit The Window'.


You can hear 'Fallen Angel' and 'Bi-Polar' on this page.




This young alternative rock duo hail from London, England.


They were originally a 4-piece band but now consist of two members.  As with any young female fronted band who do the kind of rock that Anavae do, they are bound to draw comparisons to Paramore ... but they are not Paramore. Fronted by the confident (but not arrogant) Rebecca Need-Menear, this London duo are very popular with 120,000+ Twitter followers and 29,000+ Facebook 'likes'.   You can see/hear what all the fuss is about yourself by checking out their Facebook for a selection of videos.


In January 2014 Anavae were signed by LAB Records.



(Rebecca is also featured as a photographer on 'Associated Links')


Gemma Louise Crook - The Nameless Girl

Photo: Joe Prileszky | Fashion Photographer


Makeup: Charli Avery Make-Up

Styling: Daria Moseikova Styling

with Rebecca Need-Menear and Jamie Finch.

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