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Sinead La Bella has the most wonderful voice, velvety and sublime and sheer class.  Sinead is joined by Victoria Brown (drums), Agnes D. Jones (bass) and Saffire Sanchez   (guitar).  The other girls' voices blend exquisitely with Sinead's lead vocals.


The Courtesans music is epic sounding yet very sensuous. I love everything about this band: the vocals, the production, the songs.  


The atmospheric single ‘Genius’ is just that … genius.  It's eerily beautiful.  I very much like the dark, melodramatic lyrics too which add to the ‘film noir’ ambience of the track.  The intro reminds me of the intro to Andreas Johnson's 'Glorious' but slowed down.


'Genius' is a track from their album ‘1917’ (released in 2014, when I originally wrote about the band).


The fact that they have over 87,000 fans on Facebook shows what a band can do with determination and self promotion ... but these girls can sing and play! Just check out the video of them (link below) doing an acoustic version of ‘Genius’ - chilled out, sitting by a table, sipping wine and delivering angelic harmonies with absolute ease.



The band have not written anything on their Facebook page since July 2019 (which was a positive post) so I shall keep an eye on their situation before deciding on whether to do the dreaded 'disbanded' removal from PP&P.






www.thecourtesans.org/ The Courtesans - debut album cover The Courtesans 1


The Courtesans’ music is classy, haunting, mesmerising … I cannot believe this band is unsigned!  


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