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I am so pleased and proud to be able to say that this powerhouse quartet are from South Wales.


From Swansea, Prosperina are a truly exciting band comprising of Gethin Woolcock, Liam Scanell, Chris Dean and Yo-Yo Walsh.


They released a largely self-produced debut album, Faith In Sleep, in 2011 which spawned the massive sound that is 'Trees Have Eyes', which will bowl you over with its sheer power, as well as the excellent 'Snow Leopard', to name just 2 of the amazing tracks from the album.


If you like your rock to be melodic, epic sounding and heavy then do not miss out on Prosperina.






Brighton based 4-piece rock band, O.W.L.S., have a wonderful 'Nirvanaesque' grunge rock sound ... as you can hear from the track 'Only Joking' on their Soundcloud.  Members Toby and Rich were previously in 'Stone Gods'.


The aforementioned track is from the band's 7 track E.P., 'The Rite of Spring' (released April 2012), which was recorded by the band's long time friend, Bullet for my Valentine guitarist, Michael 'Padge' Padget.  The E.P. was mastered by Nick Brine, also a friend of the band, who has worked with the likes of Oasis, Ash and Bruce Springsteen.


The E.P. is available globally from digital retailers such as Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.  This is one truly excellent band.




This out-and-out rock ‘n’ roll band from London, founded in 2009, count Russell Brand amongst their rapidly growing fanbase and have been described by ex-Cult guitarist and current Billy Idol guitarist, Billy Morrison, as having “hooks that could catch a Great White”.


They have a 13 track album called ‘Handful of Dreams’ which includes the tracks featured on this page’s jukebox as well as a cover of the Talking Heads’ song ‘Once in a Lifetime’.


Giles Van Lane (vocalist on the album) has a rich rock voice on a par with the likes of Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell and Myles Kennedy.  Guitarist Terence Warville is the main songwriter and the quality of the songwriting, such as on the excellent ‘Breathe’, is that of a hugely famous arena band!  It was difficult for me to choose which tracks to use to showcase the band as I was like a child in a sweet shop when I was going through the album.  


Their motto is “It's better to fail aiming high, than to succeed aiming low”.  Well they’ve not only aimed high they’ve hit the bullseye with the tracks they’ve produced.  

The 2016 lineup is: Gary Moffat - Vocals; Terence Warville - Guitar; Marc Neudeck - Bass; JC - Lead Guitar; Steve Campkin - Drums.





From the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, this super talented young trio are fronted by the amazing Alex Macaskill - when I listen to him I hear a semblance of Axl Rose mixed with a pinch of Mark Bolan.


When I first heard them the Wolfmother song 'Woman' came into my head - the comparison with Wolfmother is a common one apparently, which is not a bad thing at all.


There are several tracks on their Facebook page ... waste no time, go check them out!





www.toadstoolrock.com/news.cfm Toadstool

So what does O.W.L.S. stand for?


Toby Macfarlaine: "Well, my first rather obvious answer is that O.W.L.S can mean whatever you want it to mean. I like leaving it ambiguous and frustrating. Maybe we'll reveal it one day but for now it remains shrouded in mystery."


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