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'Electro pop-metal, a fusion of disco and metal, electronica and rock.' This band from North Hollywood, California, are led by German born singer/songwriter Jacqueline van Bierk.   A very strong singer, her voice is somewhat reminiscent on the track 'BeautyFool' of Debbie Harry (which is no bad thing).  


Strong (BeautyFool) + in yer face attitude (Monsters) = great stuff!


Edgy + exciting = Otto's Daughter.


You can hear several of their tracks on their Facebook page, including 'Monsters'.  Below is the wonderful 'Losing You' and 'Living The Dream'.

Otto's Daughter

Photo: Eric Ericson

This is my personal favourite, 'Losing You'.


This track went on to feature in the 'Vampire Diaries'.

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