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Hailing from Pennsylvania, Astorian Stigmata are fronted by the eccentric looking, but charming, Dennis Condusta. They are PP&P's  first “gothic style/dark indie rock” band.  I am admittedly  stepping outside of my 'comfort zone' slightly but I really like their songs and am pleased to give you the opportunity to check them out for yourselves.  The 2 songs showcased on this page's jukebox are ‘The Dancing Dead’ and ‘Beginning of the End’.


Below are the links to the band's SoundCloud page, their website and Facebook, on which they have over 26,000 fans - which technically makes them the biggest band on this site!.

Astorian Stigmata Astorian Stigmata 1 House Derelict house Churchyard Railway bridge misty Railway line

Dennis also does photography, Sadly he only does it as a hobby as he’s too busy to do it professionally.


I asked Dennis if I could show some of his photos on the website as I am so in awe of their haunting beauty that I wanted them to be shared.  Where others may see only dereliction, Dennis captures unearthly beauty.


These are some of my favourites.

These photographs are the copyright of Dennis Condusta.

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