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Unit 15 Productions





These guys do so much that I have had to give them their own dedicated page!


In their own words:


"Unit 15 Productions is a business collective working in the professional fields of Recording/Engineering/Producing Bands and Music Video/Corporate Video Production. Operated by Drew Hamley and Andrew Bishop, in partnership their combined skills offer a wealth of possibilities to recording bands/artists/clients.


Drew Hamley

BA(Hons) Media Arts

Drew’s years of experience both in music production and film production are more than apparent in the quality of his work. Having worked in music production since the age of 14, Drew has accumulated a massive wealth of knowledge in recording practices and digital audio applications. Drew has worked with a range of artists over the years including Matt Davies-Kreye (FFAF) when he Engineered and Co-Produced ‘The Secret Show – Impressionist Roadmap Of The west’ Album which was released through Atlantic/Warner Music 2006.


Drew’s film background is extensive having produced short films, documentaries and promos over many years. In the latter part of his career he has focused mainly in Music Video Production having recently produced a range of video content for Solo artist/musician Jayce Lewis (EMI/Universal Records). His latest music video with Jayce Lewis for his current single Electric Medicine is being played around the world through music television (Kerrang TV, VH1 among others) and has currently reached over 150,000 views on Youtube after just a short number of weeks.


Andrew Bishop

BSc(Hons) Music Technology

Andrew Bishop has worked with some of the best up-and-coming and underground bands, DJ’s, comedians and performers from around the UK (and further) in the live venue domain. He has been Front of House engineer for the likes of Polar Bear Club (Bridge Nine Records), Straight Lines (Extra Mile), Heart Of A Coward, (Legacy agency) Smoking Hearts (3Wise Records), Exit Ten (Deep Burn Records), Futures (Indigo), Nicky Backmarket (BM SOHO), Richard Herring and Mark Morris (of ‘The Bluetones’) to name a few.


This diverse range of artists has helped him pursue the field of audio engineering and sound design in a variety of creative environments, whilst developing his technical awareness and skills in all aspects of the arts and communication field.

As well as this extensive experience gained in music venues around Wales, Andrew has also been lucky enough to work alongside Grammy Nominated engineer Dominic Monks at Peter Gabriel’s ‘Real World Studios’. This priceless experience is evident in the first self titled EP released by ‘Blue Collar Decade'.


Recording/Engineering Facilities


We can offer a range of recording solutions to accommodate the client in whatever their preferred methods are. With as many as 24 Channel Inputs at any one time, we have the facilities to produce any range of recordings. Whether it be a full studio experience or a totally live session. We have years of experience producing a range of artists/performers including Rock/Metal/Metalcore/Punk/Ska/Acoustic/Country/Solo Artists/Dubstep/Electronic/Dance/Industrial to name but a few.


Unit 15 Productions has the ability of being flexible in regards to location. We operate in partnership with a number of premises to provide bands/artists/clients with flexibility as to where they would like to base their recordings. We are also fully portable and can travel to any location to produce recordings if required.


We strive to produce the best quality recordings we can using the best methods/practices around. Our quality of recording is of an industry standard and we strive to keep up to date by investing constantly in modern technology and production techniques.

Music Video/Corporate Video Production


We aim to produce video work of the highest quality in a range of formats from SD to HD. Productions are made with a range of high quality cameras (Canon 600D, 60D, 7D, 5D mark II to name but a few) and professional lights (dedolight, Kenoflow, Red Head Kits). With our facilities, we can accommodate a vast range of productions with very small to very large budgets. We have excellent industry standard facilities for editing, post production effects, grading, mastering and outputting."



Drew and Andrew are based in Bridgend, South Wales and operate from 30 West Road and also the well known music venue Hobos.


To contact the guys at Unit 15 Productions you can:


Telephone 07968 220259






drew.unit15productions@gmail.com fb