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Welsh Bands

I was putting this page together as an acknowledgment of the talent from my homeland when I realised that shockingly each one (except, somewhat ironically given their name, Funeral for a Friend) has suffered terrible tragedy.


This page has consequently become both a celebration of home grown talent and also a dedication to those sadly lost to us.


Old lineup above, even older lineup below,

2012 lineup to the left (they've had a lot of lineups!)



Left with the late Stuart Cable (far left) who died tragically on June 7th, 2010 at the age of 40 years old.


Below left with Stuart's replacement, Javier Weyler (far left), and below in 2016 with a couple more new blokes!



Far right the original lineup with Richey Edwards (2nd from  left) who disappeared on 1st February, 1995 and who was officially presumed dead in 2008.  He was just 28 years old at the time of his disappearance.


Below right are the 3 remaining members.



Left with drummer Jon Lee (far left) who committed suicide on 7th January, 2002 at the age of just 33 years old.


Below Feeder with drummer Karl Brazil (far left).



Technically a 'Wenglish' band being 50/50 Welsh English but we always think of them as being Welsh.


Formed in 1968 the band had four consecutive worldwide hits in 1970 and 1971: "Come and Get It" (written and produced by Paul McCartney), "No Matter What", "Day After Day", and "Baby Blue".


The classic lineup was: Peter Ham, Joey Molland, Tom Evans and Mike Gibbins.

(Peter and Mike were from Swansea, Joey and Tom from Liverpool).


2 members of Badfinger committed suicide both by hanging: Peter Ham (3rd from left) on 24th April, 1975 at only 27 years old and Tom Evans (2nd from left) on 19th  November, 1983 at 36 years old.


Drummer Mike Gibbins (front of photo) died in his sleep from a brain aneurysm on October 4th, 2005 at the age of  just 56.


Peter Ham and Tom Evans were the composers of mega ballad 'Without You' (Harry Nilsson; Mariah Carey) for which they won an Ivor Novello Award in 1972.

The Youtube link is to the classic 'No Matter What'.


(Also take a listen to Def Leppard's cover of the song - it's rather good!)

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Not forgetting of course:




Super Furry Animals


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Kids In Glass Houses


MARINA (formerly Marina & the Diamonds)