Greg Haver

Greg Haver is a producer, musician (drummer, percussion keyboards, programmer), recording engineer, songwriter and record label co-owner. 


The below are excerpts from Stephen Budd Management’s extensive write up on their client:


“Greg Haver is an award-winning producer with a background in engineering, programming

and drumming. He built his impressive reputation within the Welsh music community and is

renowned for his diverse production skills and innovative arrangements with artists including

the Manic Street Preachers, Melanie C, INME, Opshop, Codes, Wilder, Catatonia, Super Furry

Animals, Lost Prophets and Bullet For My Valentine.


Greg has had a long-standing working relationship with the Manic Street Preachers, producing

their "Lifeblood" album, which included the hit singles "The Love of Richard Nixon" and "Empty

Souls". He also produced and co-produced tracks from their "Know Your Enemy" and "Send

Away The Tigers" albums as well as working on earlier top-ten records for the band including, "There by the Grace of God" and "You Stole the Sun From My Heart" and was chosen as the band's percussionist on their 2002/3 "Greatest Hits" tour. He has also produced songs for both James Dean Bradfields "The Great Western" and Nicky Wires "I Killed the Zeitgeist" solo albums.


In recent years Greg has recorded many records overseas including extensive work in New Zealand


Greg has produced and recorded songs for many and varied artists over several genres, including: Bullet For My Valentine, Lost Prophets, Skindred, People In Planes, Midasuno, Wilder, States of Emotion, James Leighton, The Fanclub, Seven Days, Dopamine, 60ft Dolls, Stuart Cables Killing for Company, The Afternoons, Puscha, Big Leaves, Richard Parfitt, Sal, Salvage, Big Linda, The Hot Puppies, Breed 77, Kicks, Kennedy Soundtrack, Tetra Splendour, Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, Zabrinski, Topper, The Last Grand, Cape Fear, Hayley Cowan, Studio Arcade, Edgar Prais, Texas Radio Band, El Goodo, MC Mabon, Amy Wadge, Chris Townsend, Derrero, Science Vs Romance, Budapest, The Relatives, Salvage, Bluesky Research, A Silent Film, Little Fish, Mclusky, Another Story, Buffalo 77, Zwatec, The Martini Henry Rifles, Aynsley Lister, Leave The Capital and Tommy and the Chauffeur.


A talented and respected drummer, Greg has played on the Tom Jones multi platinum "Reload" album and has worked as a musician for Roger Daltrey, Daryl Hall, Corey Hart, Helen Terry, Nightcrawlers and Waterfront. He also spent several years as a songwriter for EMI Music Publishing and London Music and set up the Big Noise and Boobytrap record labels, the latter with funding from Sony UK."

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Romesh Dodangoda

Like Greg, Romesh is much more than just a producer: musician, studio owner … plus

backing vocals on 2 tracks for Funeral for a Friend (Rules & Games’ and ‘Someday the

fire’ from ‘Memory and Humanity’) and shakers & tambourines on Kids In Glass Houses’

first single  "Me Me Me".  


Romesh has worked with many Welsh rock bands including Funeral for a Friend, Kids in

Glass Houses, Attack!Attack!, The Blackout and Bullet for my Valentine as well as rock

legends Motorhead.


In an interview with online rock magazine ‘Alter the Press’ Romesh told of his musical

influences and what inspired him to become a producer.


 “I listened to a lot of pop music when i was younger, and then I discovered Oasis and

started listening to a lot of guitar based bands. Oasis got me into bands like The Stone

Roses, The Jam, The Beatles, etc. I started to appreciate how simple songwriting can really be effective and I guess this was how I started getting interested in production and song arrangements etc.


I've always played an instrument since I was 4, so I've been around music for pretty much all my childhood. When I got older, I started a band which was a lot of fun, but the more I went into studios to record with them, the more I realised that it was the producing and engineering I was more interested in.”  

You can read the full nterview here:

Romesh has become a much sought after producer.  He explained to BBC Wales how he has built up his profile and reputation:


“I always put a lot of care and effort into the records I make. You're only as good as your last record in this game! I think bands seem to enjoy the process of working with me; I try and bring a lot of ideas to the table and it's always a pretty fun and relaxed experience.


There's a lot of people calling themselves producers and just working on bands as if they were on a conveyor belt. I don't like to work that way and I think bands appreciate that. You have to understand what a band is trying to do and help them make it work! I think my profile built up because I was producing bands such as Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout, Twin Atlantic etc and they are doing so well now and have got pretty big.”

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