Gina Zamparelli

Gina Zamparelli is not only a well respected rock concert promoter in Los Angeles, but also a truly warm hearted lady.  I'd like to thank Gina for her support and encouragement with this site, it is very much appreciated.


This bio is from Gina's Facebook Page: Gina Zamparelli Concert Productions


Gina Zamparelli presented many of the top concerts in Los Angeles during the 1980s and 1990s at Perkins Palace, The Roxy Theatre, The Whiskey, The Hollywood Palladium, The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and The Wadsworth Theatre.


She was heralded by the media as one of the first women concert promoters in Los Angeles. She sold out every concert in over a decade of shows in Los Angeles, helping to break many bands and help them secure record deals.


Her company also managed Perkins Palace (aka the Raymond Theatre) in Pasadena, CA. She built Perkins Palace into  one of LA’s top award winning venues for live music, which has left its mark on popular music history.


She has spent several years working to save Perkins Palace from redevelopment. She set new precedence creating one of the longest and hardest battles for a historic landmark in LA.


Some of the artists who have worked with Gina and her company are:


Phil Collins

Tina Turner

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Dave Lee Roth

Fleetwood Mac

The Pretenders

Alice in Chains

Motley Crue

Simple Minds

New Order


Guns n Roses


Adam and the Ants

The Cure

Skid Row

Van Halen


The Ramones


The Foo Fighters

The Jam


Gary Numan

The Jam


Bruce Springsteen


The Eurythmics




Those are just some of the artists! (it would be easier to list who Gina hasn’t worked with).  

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PP&P supporter & endorser, and friend, legendary L.A. music promoter Gina Zamparelli, died after a short illness on May 21st, 2018.


Rest in peace dear Gina xxx

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