Joey Belladonna

Joey's voice has been featured on more than 10 albums which have sold over 8

million copies worldwide.

In the mid to late '90s, Joey released his first two solo albums with great press and

reviews from around the world



Anthrax were formed in 1981, but it was in about 1984 when, during a tour, the band

realised that their vocalist Neil Turbin couldn’t cut it live and so cancelled a European

tour and instead set about writing their second album (with no vocalist).  Matt Falon

joined briefly but then a suggestion was made regarding Joey Belladonna, and so it was that Joey became the Anthrax vocalist.  After a separation, Joey and Anthrax were reunited in May 2010 and did a tour called "The Big Four" (with Slayer, Metallica & Megadeth). They have since then released 2 studio albums: 'Worship Music' in 2011 and 'For All Kings' in 2016.  The band have been nominated 6 times for a Grammy award. 


Joey took time from his November 2011 tour with Anthrax to answer some quickfire questions for 'Paradiddles, Plectrums & Posers':


1.  Main influences                                                           The Beatles

2. 1st album bought                                                         Eric Clapton

3. 1st gig attended                                                           Pink Floyd

4.  Who would you like to see but haven’t yet?       Steve Lukather (Toto)

5.  Who would you like to work with?                        Neal Schon (Journey)



Joey also enjoys playing with his covers band Chief Big Way, with whom he drums and sings, who do regular gigs in New York.  Check out Joey's pages on Facebook to keep up with his recording and gig news:

                                       Joey Belladonna Official Page                                         Chief Big Way

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