Wendell Kingpin - Guitar & Vox

Evs - Guitar

Freaky - Bass & B Vox

Gwary Hunt - Drums



Pearler are a heavy rock band from Swansea, South Wales

and, in their own words:


"Remember the greatest nights of your life, your greatest ride, the best song you've ever heard, the most amazing meal you ever ate, the finest trip you've ever been on, the moment you saw the most beautiful creature you have ever seen, the greatest pint you ever drank......then this is the band for you!! PEARLER......YOU KNOW WHEN YOU'VE HAD ONE!!"


Below is the link to their website.  The link will take you straight to their music page which has snippets of each track from their mini debut album 'Belter'.  


You can hear 'Fortified', at the top of the band's website music page, in full.  It's an excellent heavy rock track with grungey guitar and melodic vocals.


You can purchase each track separately if you so wish via the website.


Keep an eye on the band's Facebook page for news of upcoming gigs, etc.

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From Swansea, Prosperina are a truly exciting band comprising of:

Gethin Woolcock - Vocals/Guitar
Liam Scannell - Bass
Yotin Walsh - Drums
Chris Dean - Guitar


They released a largely self-produced debut album, Faith In Sleep, in 2011

which spawned the massive sound that is 'Trees Have Eyes' (below), which will bowl

you over with its sheer power, as well as the excellent 'Snow Leopard', to name

just 2 of the amazing tracks from the album.

Also below is 'Proles' from 2015.

The band released their album 'FLAG' in 2020 to fans who had pledged via 'pledgemusic' (who actually ripped the band off).  A general release will be announced.


If you like your rock to be melodic, epic sounding and heavy then do not miss out on Prosperina.

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