An excellent 5 piece rock/alternative band from Derbyshire, England, featuring:


Dan Molloy - Vocals
Si Redfern - Guitars
Gaz Oldale - Drums
Liam Wragg - Bass Guitars



They have a host of wonderful tracks under their belt such as 'Welcome to my Town',   

'Ships and Sails' and the fabulous 'Duchess' (my personal favourite).


The band garnered reviews on Amazon such as:

"Fantastic energy, awesome musicians, great melodies and memorable hooks. You can't ask for anything more. I'm a musician/guitar is for over. 28 years and these guys have it ... Great vocal harmonies and inspiring musicianship especially the guitars."

"I saw this group live in London,fantastic you must listen."

 The videos below are 'History is Written by the Victors' from 2015 and 'Animals' from 2017.

Take The Seven 2017.jpg
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Tom Quick - Vocals
Lexi Laine - Lead Guitar
Izzy Trixx - Rhythm Guitar
Gaz Connor - Bass
Davide Drake Bocci - Drums


These guys (and gal, as of 2017) from Cambridgeshire and Sheffield have changed direction slightly since I first added them to PP&P a few years ago

and have since signed with Frontier Records.

Their influences are the likes of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Guns 'n' Roses.

Below is their 2017 track 'One Night Only'.


The Brink 2017.jpg
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The Fallen.jpg


Ben Stenning - Vocals
Jon Price - Guitar
Dan Oke - Guitar
Greg Butler - Bass
Rich Walker - Drums


This 5-piece rock band are from Barnstaple, Devon and produce heavy but extremely melodic anthemic rock songs.   They are signed to 'Last Man Music'.

They've toured across the UK, Ireland and continental Europe with acts such as Halestorm, 3 Doors Down, Tremonti and Black Stone Cherry.

They have released 5 EPs and in 2019 released their debut album  ‘A Deadset Endeavour’.

The video below, 'Nova', has currently had over 374,000 views on Youtube.

The band are due to tour the UK in April of 2021 with Phil X & the Drills and Stone Broken.  

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The People The Poet are a 4-piece rock band from South Wales who used to perform under the moniker of ‘Tiger Please’.    


The band’s debut album, ‘The Narrator’, was released on November 4th, 2013, and was 3 years in the making. The album featured 15 tracks which were inspired by true stories sent to the band from fans, for example ‘Sing’ is about abuse & ‘Stabilisers (I Will Be)' is about the joy of fatherhood.


Leon Stanford is the band’s vocalist and his rich voice is superb and such a joy to listen to.


www.punktastic.com  called 'The Narrator' a “genuinely unique” and “extremely accomplished album.” and Katie Vowles on www.electric-banana.co.uk summed it up thus: “This album is full of hooks and lyrical meaning, and to be honest, it’s hard to find any fault.”

Below is 2019 track, the excellent 'Dead Alive'.

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This young Cardiff band is fronted by George E. Thomas who, vocally, is seemingly the love child of Ian Astbury and Axl Rose.


George is also the guitarist, while Kyra Jones is on drums and Gareth Bain on bass guitar.


One of my favourite bands, I've seen them play live and they are as good live as on recordings.  I had the chance to work with them with JD Music Promotion and they received rave reviews and airplay on stations worldwide.

Below is a track from 2017 (with previous drummer Jo).

The Starling Radicals.jpg
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Ed - Guitar/Vocals

Scott - Bass/Vocals

Matt – Drums

Tio Rico are a grunge punk band from Manchester and were brought to my attention by their record label, Horn and Hoof Records based in Manchester.


Ed, Scott and Matt first took to the stage in early 2015 and have since then spent time honing their art, playing gigs and writing songs with their first single ‘Mr Big Shot’ released in October 2016.


The Soundcloud link will take you to their track ‘Article 7’.

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