Trisha Krall (Vocals)

Jesse Pryner (Guitar)

Daniel Minnerick (Bass)

Ryan Cox (Drums)


I discovered Caldera via the Facebook page of previous

PP&P band, Presomnia.


"Caldera is an alternative/progressive/rock band hailing from

Indianapolis, Indiana. Formed in May of 2017, bassist Daniel

Minnerick and drummer Ryan Cox invited guitarist Jesse Pryner

to join them in starting from scratch. 18 months later, vocalist

Trisha Krall appeared out of thin air with her dynamic voice and

thought provoking lyrics that perfectly complemented the music. As a project aiming to create music overflowing with fervid conviction and unapologetic aesthetic, every Caldera song ardently chases the group’s collective dream and design.


An alchemy of progressive rhythms melt with harmony and dissonance while evocative lyrical content pushes into the unconscious seeking truth and being. Caldera explores the prosody of their music through tone, color, and negative space inviting listeners to surrender to selfish indulgence, emotional release, and genuine experience."


Follow the band on their various social media pages to keep up to date with news of new music, gigs, etc.


Their music is available to purchase/download/stream from the usual outlets.


Below is Caldera's excellent debut track 'Save My Answer' which was released in December of 2018.

Caldera Band Photo.jpg
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Chicago's Color Out, aka Dave Hedrick, is a one man band, playing all the instruments, doing the vocals and songwriting.


Color Out was a JD Music Promotion artist (when I was doing radio plugging) and received airplay on at least 42 stations (both FM and internet) worldwide.


Aaron Phillips, host of the then Rock Show on Amazing Radio,  playlisted three tracks of Color Out's, so clearly he's a fan.


Below are some of the comments/reviews which I received for Color Out via JD Music Promotion.


An excerpt from a review of his track 'Falling Star' from ReverbRoom.com:


"It's quite the journey and it oozes the raw emotion that a lot of artists lack or force. Storytelling is a key element of any track like this and between the contrast in intensity and the vocal delivery throughout, it's certainly something that's comfortably in Color Out's skill-set.


It's really well put together, excellently executed and a testament to the songwriting abilities of David Hedrick. This is a track that traverses a decade of influences and sounds yet still does something original. That's not to say that this is simply an ode to 2000's Rock. Actually, it's a fresh and relevant sound exhibited on "Falling Star" and just another indication that Color Out is only getting better with time."



"Wow the kind of rock that shaped a lot of bands today ... both fast paced and melodic each song has a story which pulls you in, almost hypnotic in nature. Vocally superb, lyrically supersonic and the music is just kick ass awesome. If you didn't have these guys in your collection it would be like a library missing a book.”


 Way Out Radio:

"This guy is gooooooooood! .... What a musician! ... What a writer! ... What a voice!"



Re. Colour Out's track 'Kay' (which you can hear below):


"I love this, he is amazing!"

EGH Radio


"Loved it!"

Martyn Grenfell, Uckfield FM.


"Absolutely fantastic track"

Will Millen, Shout Radio


"An excellent track"

Kevin J Mann

The Spread Radio Show

Color Out is a prolific songwriter, so be sure to follow him on his social media to keep a look out for new tracks.

Color Out.jpg
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Michael Taylor - Guitar/Vocals

Jessica Makar - Bass/Vocals

Gretchen Nancy-Dumont – Drums


Hailing from Long Island, New York, Cosmic Rejects are a quirky alternative rock band

who have been likened to Pixies.


They released their debut album in December 2017 .   Their self titled debut offering

contains 13 tracks and has generated praise from music fans, including on Amazon

where you’ll find comments such as:


Scott Petersen

This album should be listened to with headphones and loud … At times, it reminds me of Velvet Underground; other times Bowie and Nirvana's "Bleach" album, in its musical sensibilities.”  


Tara Lamberti

"Fun music with a kicky retro feel. Great songs to dance around to and others with lyrics that make you think. Well-rounded album I'm happy to have in my playlist."  


Erica Popino

"I’m always in search of new up and coming music to listen to instead of the same old stuff on the radio. I really like this album, its real music, a pleasure to listen to."


Debby Renna

"I can’t believe how much this band reminds me of my favorite...Pixies! I listened to the album twice in a row. Love it!


The album is available on Amazon and the two tracks showcased here are ‘Serenade’  and 'In The Red'.

Cosmic Rejects.jpg
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