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The superb Black Letters are a guitar band

hailing from Bangalore/Cochin, India and consists of:


Sharath Narayan

Sarang Menon

Arjun Radhakrishnan

Akash Chacko


I worked with Black Letters when doing JD Music Promotion and they

gained airplay and rave reviews worldwide from both FM and internet

based stations.


"Very refreshing alternative rock band. These guys are awesome not only are they very talented indeed but they are very uplifting to listen to. With an array of modern pop/rock sounds accompanied by some fantastic vocals, you'd be a fool not to like them. Reminds me a lot of Snow Patrol or Keane  long time faves of mine. Vocally superb, lyrically supreme and the music is just brilliant. "


(Re. 'Roam')

“Black Letters are a great sounding band!  … Sharath's vocals sound so relaxed - but each word he delivers appears to be making a statement that just grabs you! “


“Love this band”

 Way Out Radio

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Peter Repousis

Simon Kapsis

Michael Mikulicin

Felipe Martelo

Adam Plimmer


This gutsy sounding 5-piece heavy rock band hail from Sydney.


The band's debut album, "No Compromises", was released in 2017 and was spearheaded by singles "I Believe In You", "Interstellar Nights" and "Here We Are".

This release led them to supporting Trapt during their Australian Tour, and 2 South East Asian tours during 2018-2019 featuring countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Upon return from their tours, the band went into the studio to commence writing again which ultimately led to the release of their latest single "Silence" as 2019 closed. It was at this time Felipe Martelo joined the band as the newest member and full time drummer.

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Ryan Rafferty (lead vocals, bass), Leon Todd (guitar), and Cam Barrett (drums) make up Perth based hard rock trio Ragdoll who “focus on melody, musicianship, and emotional conviction”.  I’ve watched recordings of them playing live on YouTube and they have a mighty big sound for a trio.    


In May 2012 they played US rock festival Rocklahoma and a multi-state club tour across the Mid-West in support of their critically acclaimed debut release, ‘Ragdoll Rock’, which was released worldwide in 2011 and contained 4 tracks: ‘Foot to the Floor’, ‘The Feeling’, ‘Ashamed’ and ‘In My Mind’.  


Their second EP, ‘Here Today’, was recorded in 2012 and contained five tracks including singles ‘Tell Me’, ‘Here Today’ and the band’s first ballad ‘Could it be Love’.


2020 has seen the release of their single 'Follow The Leader'.

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This all girl hard rock band is based in Sweden and are signed to Despotz Records.  Thundermother was originally founded in 2009 by guitarist Filippa Nässil.  


The former line-up with Clare Cunningham, Tilda Stenqvist, Giorgia Carteri and Linda Ström (who were the band members when I first added them to PP&P) was formed in 2013.  When the four members decided to leave Thundermother in the spring of 2017, Filippa was determined to keep on playing with singer Guernica Mancini, bass player Sara Pettersson and drummer Emlee Johansson and in June 2019 released 'We Fight For Rock 'n' Roll'.


They take me back to my younger days when I was listening to the likes of Princess Pang, Phantom Blue, Romeo's Daughter & of course Vixen.

In 2020 they released their album 'Heatwave'

As the girls say "Rock'n'Roll is not just a music genre for us, it’s a lifestyle".



Uncle Sid are a rock band from Vancouver, Candada and consist of members:


Emerald Green: Vocals

Frankie Scars: Guitar

Kirk October: Bass

Dale Salive: Drums


The band considers themselves to be a “melodic hard rock 'n’ metal band with a

sound that we play with dynamic passion along with lots of classic and present

day influences."


Their fifth, self titled, CD was released in early 2017 with the band touring

extensively in Japan mid 2017.  


The Youtube video on this page is of their track ‘Evilution’.



Project Metal Music

The tracks that I listened to, on Reverbnation are Master Of Fate, Evilution, Horns Up!, Devil With A Halo, Empire, The Road and Code Blue. All of the songs are really good, as they are riff and shred laden, the drums are spot on and the vocals provided by Emerald Green are superb.”


Rockfield Publications, Scotland (re. the band’s most recent album)

This album is a solid release and captures what the band is all about – live performance. They are talented and know how to write a hook.

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