Edward Thomas - Bassist

Eva Mullen - Vocalist

Amir Maleki - Lead Guitarist

Matt Lines - Rhythm Guitarist

Elliott Packham – Drummer










The aptly named Crystalline (given their singer's crystal clear voclals) is a five piece, Cardiff based, alternative rock band fronted by Eva Mullen, "floating somewhere between pop-punk, grunge and hard rock".


Their first EP 'Of Unsound Mind' was released in July 2018.   The band released 2 singles in 2019, ‘Drowning’ followed by ‘Poison’, both of which you can listen to below.

Their April 2020 single,  “Sweet Tooth”, has been featured on Planet Rock and BBC radio.


The band gig regularly and so keep an eye on their website and social media for dates and locations.

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'Poison'                                                                                              'Drowning'